The Benefits Mesh Networks Have on Internet Speed, Coverage, and Reliability

The Benefits Mesh Networks Have on Internet Speed, Coverage, and Reliability

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    Mesh Networks are the easiest option for non-technical customers who are willing to invest generously. Stay assured of good speeds since they have recently been used to cover entire cities. If your workspace has a unique floor plan or certain unconventional features, mesh networks will resolve all the hurdles that can possibly weaken your wireless connection without the need to run wires.

    Should you ever feel the need to expand your WiFi coverage after mesh setup, it is extremely easy to add extra nodes in the existing setup for a reliable WiFi connection.

    Why Switching to a Mesh Network May Be the Thing For You

    At your workspace, you’ve got two networks, a standard network, and an extended network. Your phone or device will latch on to the standard network for as long as it possibly can before switching over to the new network because that’s the way Wi-Fi works. So you get two distinct networks and that creates some confusion amongst devices, which is where mesh comes in. 

    Since mesh network systems for WiFi coverage are spread across the area where you need enhanced WiFi connectivity, it ensures consistent speed and diminishes the possibility of a weak network as one moves farther from the router. 

    Another big positive, especially for big businesses with huge office space, is the liberty and convenience to walk anywhere in the building without being bothered about the fluctuating speed. It’s one network everywhere. 

    Since many of us pay for high-quality and high-speed internet but do not get it in every corner, mesh networks might be the answer to all your WiFi problems. Downtown Managed Services offers end-to-end managed WiFi services in Florida for your business with a quick mesh system setup at one low fixed monthly fee. 

    Dual-Band or Tri-Band Mesh Networks: What Works Better?

    There are different types of mesh systems, some of them are dual-band while some are tri-band. Dual-band mesh is quite common in modern 802.11ac routers and broadcasts a 5 GHz signal and a 2.4 GHz signal. On the other hand, tri-band signals host a 2.4 GHz signal and two 5 GHz signals.

    Tri-band comes handy when there are many 5GHz devices connected to the router.  A wireless mesh makes the best use of an extra 5GHz band since a tri-band prevents signal loss through a dedicated backhaul of one of its 5 GHz bands.

    The con here is that it might be difficult to manage for the service providers apart from the requirement of fairly advanced networking knowledge for smooth setup since mesh networks must be positioned properly. 

    Talk with us to understand which one suits your needs better. Carrying 25 years of experience, experts based at the two offices of Downtown Managed Services in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton will extend you all the support you need while you’re looking for Managed Services in Florida.

    Enhancing WiFi Coverage Made Easy with Mesh

    Direct internet connections with LAN ports are one of the most typical benefits of mesh systems. This comes as a treat for users with Ethernet connections. Since Ethernet is ideal for functions requiring heavy internet usage like large file transfers, access to cloud services and online gaming, enhanced WiFi coverage with mesh will allow them to easily set up the system in an enclosed space and plug it in directly to their cable internet. 

    A mesh setup is truly wireless, which adds to its convenience. This saves you from the trouble and expenditure of setting up multiple WiFi routers in your home as you can avail of excellent internet speed with one seamless WiFi network. As your one-stop solution for mesh services, Downtown Managed Services robustly monitors your existing WiFi system to ensure the extended system works efficiently and to its best capacity.

    An Ideal Option For Businesses

    Running wires at busy office spaces is a problem, so mesh emerges as the only ideal option for smooth WiFi connectivity in such cases. Mesh allows you to have one network name and multiple satellites throughout the home.

    In some cases, you might only need one satellite to the router, in others you might put multiple satellites throughout to give you the best coverage. One network name, outstanding speed, inexpensive and better performance for all your devices-that’s what defines a mesh system. 


    A mesh setup at workplaces obviously comes with security concerns. However, keeping your network and employees safe from cyber attacks or other threats shall become a lot easier with Downtown Managed Services. Whether by phone or in-person, our extensive and top-notch services are capable of remotely connecting to your system if required and shall be delivered to you at all times of the day.

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    So in the end, mesh network systems for WiFi coverage are definitely worth considering. With mesh WiFi networks, there is a lot of flexibility in models to choose from. Schedule a session with us now to get one-to-one consultation to know what works for your business or living space the best.