How Cloud Services Ensure Data Security and HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare
How Cloud Services Ensure Data Security and HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare

In today’s digital age, cloud services have become a critical component for healthcare organizations to store and manage patient data. While the convenience and accessibility of cloud services have their advantages, concerns about data security and HIPAA compliance have also become a top priority.

Microsoft Office 365
7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Transition to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based applications designed to help businesses become more organized and productive. From collaboration tools to document management, an Office 365 subscription can provide your business with the solutions needed to make your team more efficient and stay competitive.

6 Ways to Prevent Misconfiguration
6 Ways to Prevent Misconfiguration of Cloud Solutions

Misconfiguration of cloud solutions is often overlooked when companies plan cybersecurity strategies. Cloud apps are typically quick and easy to sign up for. The user often assumes that they don’t need to worry about security because it’s handled. This is an incorrect assumption because cloud security is a shared model. The provider of the solution handles securing the backend infrastructure. But the user is responsible for configuring security settings in their account properly. Use the tips below to reduce your risk of a cloud data breach and improve cloud security.