Complete WiFi Security

Complete WiFi Security

In the digital era, wireless internet and network connection have become the lifeline of the business world. With the increased dependency of organizations on the Wi-Fi network, hackers aim to exploit the security loopholes of the unsecured wireless network.

A secure Wi-Fi password and other basic security layers are not enough to safeguard your organization’s data from mischief hackers.

The Business Impact of Weak Wi-Fi Security

If your organization faces an attack on your mediocre Wi-Fi security, it will fall flat, and all your vital and sensitive data can be compromised. It can interrupt your business workflow and result in financial losses, which can trigger a major roadblock in your enterprise growth and success.

We at Downtown Managed Services have tailored Wi-Fi security solutions to help you get rid of the troubles caused by weak wireless enterprise security. Our team has years of experience providing end-to-end agile Wi-Fi security solutions for enterprises and strengthening the security ecosystem. We’ll be glad to do the same for your organization.

Wired AP Units

Wired access point mode is one of the best ways to provide a reliable wireless connection to enterprise users. It delivers great speed to the users as it allows multiple wireless devices to connect to a wired network.           

It becomes easy to manage cloud controllers with a wired access point and handle user traffic in scale.

If you are a business looking for highly reliable solutions for your Wi-Fi network coverage, wired access point units are the secure and fast solutions you need.

It requires a lot of wiring to be done and managed, but our team at Downtown Managed Services have you covered. We deliver seamless wired access point integration in your office ecosystem.
Our team will physically inspect your office space and plan out the most suitable plan for positioning and integrating wired AP points at your workspace.

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Mesh Network

A mesh Wi-Fi network is the combination of router-like devices or nodes that can work in sync to deliver the wireless connection required to cover a specific area. In the mesh network, all the connected nodes communicate and establish a path to quickly transfer data between clients connected on the network.

Integrating a mesh network, you need to take care of the positioning of the nodes to cover the entire office space. There’s no requirement for wires, and the mesh Wi-Fi network delivers an excellent speed for all its users.    

It is managed using a mobile device, and only selected Wi-Fi security service providers can deliver and integrate a mesh network in your wireless ecosystem.

Downtown Managed Service, having been reviewed for delivering top-notch Wi-Fi security services, can manage your mesh network and ensure it works smoothly for your business.

Our experts will analyze your requirements and suggest if it is feasible for your organization to choose a mesh network.

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Extenders Wireless

If you are looking to enhance your Wi-Fi coverage and strengthen the range of your Wi-Fi network, then wireless extenders are the solution you want for your enterprise.

They are inexpensive solutions you can choose to be integrated into your business ecosystem.

Downtown Managed Services provides premium wireless extenders with a great warranty and uptime. Many people believe that they are unreliable solutions, but they can serve their purpose well if used effectively.

Our team of strategic thinkers can ensure that your enterprise makes the most of wireless extenders, and you can expand the range of your wireless network seamlessly.

Wireless extenders sometimes require constant reboots, which can be annoying for your in-house team. Our experts can provide you with complete support and training to manage the reboot issues efficiently and with finesse.

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Ethernet Over Power Adapter

A powerline adapter or ethernet-over-power-adapter connects your devices that require ethernet to your electrical wiring and deliver a hassle-free version of the ethernet.

It is a great solution for your office devices to enable them with powerful ethernet and help you achieve your business goals with secure and safe ethernet.

It requires an ethernet cable to establish the network and help with VOIP phone and printer connections. 

An ethernet-over-power-adapter can also be used as the wireless extension for your network. More of your in-house team can access the wireless network from a wide range with a minimal effect on the speed of the network

Our team can deliver reliable ethernet-over-power-adapter solutions and premium cables to ensure only the best reaches your office for enhanced security. We offer unmatchable support to ensure that you feel satisfied with our service in providing ethernet using ethernet-over-power-adapter.

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How Many Wireless AP Units are Needed in a House or Office?

The wireless AP units required in your office or house depend on multiple factors like the square footage of your space, the walls, and the placements of the access points.

A typical 3000 sq house requires 3-4 wireless access points to cover the inside space of the house.  

If you need your wireless network range on the outside, it requires more access points to extend its range and provide seamless connectivity.

Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect your workspace and analyze the requirement of wireless access point if you are unable to spot it on your own.

We at Downtown Managed Services ensure that you get the best services at a reasonable price to extend your Wi-Fi range and connectivity using wireless access points.

The devices and hardware delivered by our team will be premium and have a minimum period warranty. There’s no compromise on the quality of the product delivered from our end.

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What Throughput Speeds to Expect from a WiFi Connection?

Most services like Netflix and other streaming platforms require a minimum of 25 Mbps throughput speed to deliver a quality experience.

And when it comes to enterprise communication and data transfer, it requires security and reliable Wi-Fi speed and connection.

Getting 200-300 Mbps is sufficient to run most applications at home and maintain a balanced work ecosystem in your office.

But if you want faster speed for your enterprise or home, it can be achieved by optimizing channels, frequencies, and client-side better adapters on laptops and computers.

We at Downtown Managed Services provide high-end Wi-Fi speed solutions for your enterprise while maintaining the security and reliability of the wireless network.

Our team will ensure that your wireless network is secure, and no stone is left unturned regarding security loopholes and flaws. 

We use advanced and latest strategies, tools, and software to deliver premium Wi-Fi security services while maintaining the desirable speed of your wireless network.

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Why Choose Downtown Managed Services to Strengthen Your Wi-Fi Security?

Using an unsecured Wi-Fi network is very risky for your organization in the digital age where hackers are looking to pounce on opportunities to exploit loopholes and use it for their benefit, whatever cost.

You need an experienced and professional team of Wi-Fi security experts to strengthen your wireless ecosystem and deliver the best possible results for your organization within the promised time.

At Downtown Managed Services, we have you covered. With our combined experience of 25 years in the Wi-Fi security service, you will get tailored security solutions to shield your wireless security.

We have helped over a hundred enterprise clients in Florida build a robust and secure wireless ecosystem, and delivered optimum solutions based on their requirements and industries.

Our professional experts will help you integrate Wi-Fi security tactics and software for optimal business results and stay protected from dangerous wireless attacks on your network.

Get in touch with our experts through one of the communication channels or visit our office near Fort Lauderdale. We’ll be glad to meet you and get an understanding of your requirements.