Wired AP Units

Wired AP Units

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    People with large households or workspaces demand equally strong and uniformly accessible Wi-Fi connectivity. However, as speeds get faster, the modulation schemes get more complicated. 

    If there is no reception of a signal sent from an access point to a gadget acknowledging the reception, the access point will keep slowing the speed down until it receives a response. This explains the deceleration of internet speed as you move farther away from the router. 

    Getting the Highest Internet Speed

    In today’s times, unhindered internet speed is a basic requirement when it comes to streaming videos, carrying out official work, gaming, or file transfers. In such a case, slow Wi-Fi signals cannot be a long-term, viable solution. Most routers are configured by default to transmit signals at less than 200 milliwatts since telecommunication laws like those in the United States require that the power transmission limit for routers does not exceed the above limit (legally). 

    However, that doesn’t mean that getting a better Wi-Fi range is a distant possibility. If hearing the words- “The Wi-Fi is lagging badly!” has become the order of the day for you, it’s time for you to resort to installing a wired AP unit, one of the best and most reliable ways to access seamless speed and amplify the regular Wi-Fi range. 

    What is an Access Point?

    Access Point is a wireless network device that acts as a portal or device to connect to a local area network or LAN. Access points are primarily used for extending the wireless coverage of an existing network as well as for increasing the number of users that can connect to it. Some of its distinctive features include- 

    • High-capacity load balancing that allows the system to actively shift users when one access point is overloaded. 
    • Scalability, which means you can have multiple access points at places with little to no Wi-Fi coverage apart from enabling the ability to measure performance.

    Addressing Drywall Degradation with Wired AP

    If your Wi-Fi signal has to endure extra piping and insulation such as a wall shared by a bathroom, the speed can degrade quite quickly. To avoid this, you need to set up a dedicated wired access point in the trouble spot and ensure that your Wi-Fi router is at a location not blocked by objects and walls. Wired APs can be a bit more expensive than their wireless counterparts but deliver the best speeds consistently throughout your space. 

    If you are not sure about how to begin with this, give a quick call to Downtown Managed Services to get the best price and services for the installation of wired AP units.

    Extended Wi-Fi Coverage for Outdoor Access

    You don’t set up a Wi-Fi system to be solely restricted to the interiors. A good WiFi network should be able to provide good speeds in your porch area or backyard if required. However, one of the most common issues here is the heavy insulation of exterior walls that can wreak havoc on even the most solid wireless signals, weakening them and leaving you with frail signal coverage. 

    Here’s what you can do-simply install a wired access point in your backyard or wherever you want the internet connectivity. This can make things expensive sometimes with the requirement of additional hardware. Still, the wired AP unit system tops the list of the most reliable options for most Wi-Fi coverage issues. If this suits your needs, all you need to do is get in touch with our experts who shall guide you through the most convenient mode of budget wired AP installation. Chuck the need of dealing with a different vendor for every part of your household, because we do the jobs of multiple vendors in the most cost-efficient way.

    Choose the Best Wired AP Installation Service in Florida

    The key to choosing the best solution is to decide if the connectivity mode will work the best for you. If you need performance, have access to wired Ethernet, or are under budget constraints, wired APs are the good way to go. Downtown Managed Services is your go-to provider for top-notch Wi-Fi services

    Backed by 25 years of experience, our team ensures you are divested of all the hassle in setting up a cohesive wired access point system with our proactive Wi-Fi services in Florida. 

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