Ethernet Over Power Adapter (Powerline Ethernet Adapters)

Ethernet Over Power Adapter (Powerline Ethernet Adapters)

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    WiFi networks with their shortcomings, random dropouts, crummy speeds, and limited range can pose many potential problems for your workspaces, especially if your office building has thick walls or lots of interfering signals. At this point, you can consider setting up Ethernet cables everywhere, but that can be a messy solution. 

    What if we told you an elegant way to solve this problem is already built right into your office area even if you don’t have a newfangled area with Ethernet outlets in the walls? 

    Powerline Ethernet Adapters

    Here’s where ethernet over power adapters (more commonly known as powerline ethernet adapters) come into the picture. These are devices that send electrical signals over your office area’s electrical wiring. More particularly, powerline adapters can help with VOIP phone connections and printer connections apart from extending wireless networks. 

    If you’re based out of Florida and are looking for a good solution to enhance WiFi coverage for devices that run on Ethernet, Downtown Managed Services will cater to all your needs. But before that, let’s dig into this device in greater detail.

    Understanding the Functioning of Powerline Ethernet Adapters

    Powerline Ethernet works by simply sending signals through your wiring at very different frequencies varying from 2 to 86 MHz; kind of like how DSL Internet used to provide Internet access over the same wiring as your landline phone by using a different frequency. 

    Although electrical wiring connects lots of different devices instead of being a strictly point-to-point connection like conventional ethernet, powerline ethernet catches the signal kind of like how your smartphone or laptop can catch a WiFi signal that spreads out in all directions. 

    How Fast Is It? 

    Although the theoretical maximum speed of the newest version of the powerline is about 2 gigabytes per second, your real-world performance will probably top out at around 100-200 megabits per second. Although this is still definitely fast enough for high-speed internet browsing and streaming, it comes with a consistency and latency advantage over WiFi. 

    With all that said, if you place two adapters very far from each other, your speeds might drop well below 100 Mbit due to signal degradation, so it is recommended that you buy your first couple of powerline adapters with a solid return policy before making a full commitment. 

    With ample options available in the market, this could be a tough nut to crack. Don’t worry anymore about making the right choice since the team of experts at Downtown Managed Services with their experience of 25 years will assist you at every stage of setting up a convenient ethernet powerline installation at your workspace at the most reasonable price.

    Caveats to Keep in Mind when Setting Up a Powerline Network

    Devices like UPS, battery backups, power conditioners, and surge protectors can misidentify your data signal as undesirable electrical noise can actually filter it out. 

    Also, be sure to follow the instructions provided for securing your powerline network with a password. Attackers can easily access your WiFi network since anybody who shares an electrical circuit with you even with a breaker panel in place can possibly get into your powerline network. 

    To avoid this problem and to ensure your information stays protected, our team extends curated and top-notch security policies, firewall management, virus protection, and much more.

    Powerline Ethernet 

    These also come with their own limitations. Firstly, the adapters must be placed directly into wall outlets. This can be very annoying if you’ve already got a couple of power strips hanging out of a wall outlet where you want to use it for power lighting, and you’ll need to find a way around that. That being said, this is less of an issue with some newer models that have a pass-through power outlet. 

    Powerline Ethernet Adapters 

    These do have a latency disadvantage as compared to a standard ethernet cable. The electrical wires don’t go directly from socket to socket where you placed the adapters, so there can be a lot of distance to travel between the endpoints, which will eventually cause network congestion. The more of these adapters you add to an enclosed space, the worse the signal-to-noise ratio can get. 

    Since the reliability of ethernet powerline adapters remains somewhat questionable, looking into alternatives such as Mesh Networks might be a more suitable choice for you. 


    Downtown Managed Services can help you make the right decision for enhanced WiFi coverage at your workplace to ensure your WiFi network works at its highest efficiency.

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    The bottom line is that if you have a fast ethernet connection, a powerline adapter will help keep that internet speed. Unfortunately, there’s not a quick over-the-counter hack that can fix network congestion. 

    However, it’s never too late to understand how powerline adapters can work best for your business. Book an appointment at either of our offices based in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida, and leave all the hassle to us.