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These days, it’s more important than ever for your information to stay private and secure. With cybercrime becoming more common and sophisticated every day, you must take all of the necessary precautions when it comes to protecting your data and, therefore, your business. The fact is, traditional anti-virus software and protection just isn’t enough to completely protect your business anymore. Downtown Managed Services will keep you safe with the latest and best-in-class computer security technologies. Don’t let a hacker destroy what you have worked so hard to create! Call us today!

Security Policies:

Your company has to be compliant and we will make sure that you are. If you work with eHPI, that includes HIPAA. If you take credit card payments and store the data, this includes PCI. If your industry has any specific compliance requirements we will make sure that you are within regulations and stay there.

Malware & Virus Protection:

We will provide you with comprehensive multilevel protection that will keep you safe from any and all threats to your network. Our protection is not just for your computers but your perimeter, email, and firewalls as well. If there is ever any sort of security breach we will be notified immediately and take action.

Security Monitoring:

It is important that all of you software is patched and updated to the latest versions. We will monitor your software and check for updates to ensure you are always up to date with the latest patches no matter how often they release. We will also keep an eye out for all unauthorized logins to insure nobody is gaining access to your data that should not.

Remote Access and Firewall Management:

We will ensure that remote access remains secure. In order for this to happen we will set up VPNs which will keep you secure even when people are using their own computers. We will also check and maintain the firewall logs to make sure they are up to date and there are no unauthorized entries on the firewall level.


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