7 Most Exciting App Announcements At Microsoft Ignite 2022 For Digital Workflow Upgrade

7 Most Exciting App Announcements At Microsoft Ignite 2022 For Digital Workflow Upgrade

App Announcements

If you observe Microsoft products, then you may also understand about Microsoft Ignite. Held annually, it generates many thrilling updates and bulletins in the Microsoft world. Microsoft held its latest convention closing October. In the rush of the latest holidays, you might also have ignored some highlights. So, is bringing them to you now.

Relevant Microsoft Teams application for organizing a digital workplace

One element you’ll observe is that Microsoft Teams were given plenty of love at the event. Microsoft is now describing Teams as “the app in the middle of Microsoft 365” We can see why the employer is improving this digital workspace. Teams now has over 280 million users. It’s now no longer unexpected, given that Microsoft has added over 450 new Teams capabilities. And that’s simply inside the final year.

Downtown Managed Services will move over a few Teams capabilities below, in conjunction with different Microsoft App bulletins from Ignite. These may also come up with a few thoughts for your subsequent virtual workflow upgrade.

Microsoft Team Premium

There is a new Microsoft Teams Premium supplying that provides an entire new AI thing to the platform. This provider consists of countless AI-powered features. They make it appear like you have your very own assembly assistant. Some cool aspects consist of mechanically producing chapters from a Teams meeting.

The Teams Premium app additionally generates customized highlights for you. This saves you from having to rewatch the assembly later. If you are assembly internationally, you can revel in real-time translations for captions. Meeting courses is every other new feature. It units up your assembly alternatives in accordance to your needs.

360-Degree Intelligent Camera for Teams Meetings

SmartVision 60 is the primary 360-degree, center-of-room shrewd digital cam. It has the potential to tune the speaker as they`re moving. The digicam is likewise because we have a human being reputation function coming soon.

Virtual conferences can sense plenty greater like actual conferences the use of SmartVision 60. Instead of simply seeing a small video feed of 1 person, the motion of the digital cam can seize an entire team.

Cisco is Now a Certified Devices Partner for Teams Rooms

If you’re a fan of Cisco conferencing products, you’ll be happy to know that you now have more options. Microsoft has announced that Cisco is now a Teams Room Certified Devices partner. You can now start a Teams meeting on any certified Cisco conference device.

Microsoft Places

One virtual workplace application that supports the new hybrid mobility is Microsoft Places. It is a team management software that integrates with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

The office is there but for how long? Much of the world had to do things realistically during the pandemic. Many companies and employees find that they like it better.

74 percent of US companies plan to adopt a permanent hybrid work model. Some of the features of the app include:

  • Manage and track where employees are working (at home or in the office)
  • Track whether coworkers are away or available
  • Track physical room use to make strategic decisions

Hours & Location Feature in Outlook & Teams

Another point advertisement related to the mongrel working world is hours and positions. This is a new capability added to brigades and Outlook to make it easier to record in- person meetings.

It can get tricky to plan in- person meetings when you do n’t know who`s working at the office and who’s remote. However, you are bound to alienate someone if you plan without checking. They would not be happy if they were planning to work from home that day.

The new hours and position points allow people to specify where they’re working. They can acclimate to this from hour to hour. It takes the guesswork out of scheduling.

Loop App Private Preview

Another thrilling app announcement that Microsoft made used to be about its Loop app. It cited that Loop entered personal preview. This offers some corporations a danger to test it out.

Loop is a collaborative workspace app that helps groups ideate in a digital space. All statistics pulled in from Microsoft 365 apps syncs routinely to continue to be up to date.

Microsoft Clipchamp Video Editor

You may have noticed an unfamiliar application appearing in Windows. Microsoft Clipchamp was officially announced at the Ignite event. A quick and simple video editor for Windows PC.

Have you ever tried to edit a video but got frustrated because you didn’t have the right tools? Then you can take a closer look at what ClipChamp has to offer. The learning curve seems to be very low.

Get Help Navigating the Microsoft 365 Universe

Microsoft 365 has come a long way in a short time. You can use many different application integrations to support your workflow. But it can be a bit complicated without the help of an expert. Call us today to schedule a Microsoft consultation.

At Downtown Managed Services, we believe you can dramatically improve your digital work environment and collaboration within your team if you are ready to use these new Team Application features from Microsoft.


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