Workstation Security: 6 Things You Need to Know

Workstation Security: 6 Things You Need to Know

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    Is Workstation and Data Security Your Need of The Hour?

    Workstations are the assets that contain your vital company data. All your company’s workable devices, from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, are the workstations you need to protect. For some, information security might be common sense.

    But we believe that when it comes to security, nothing is common sense. 

    We will spell out the best practices that we stick to in our work. By following these security rules, everyone will be able to ensure the safety and continuity of their business. 

    But is information security really that important for a company? 

    No doubt. Here are the most common information security threats that you can face if your computer and network system aren’t protected: 

    • Viruses coming from unverified software
    • Hacking of personal information. (Might happen from using public or insecure Wi-Fi networks. Someone might get access to your sensitive data and then sell personal information or use it to their advantage).
    • Phishing and spear phishing 
    • Visiting websites without SSL certificates (ones that don’t have HTTP or HTTPS in their URLs)

    You don’t want any of these security threats affecting your workflow. Therefore, taking proper care and ensuring high-level security and maintenance of your workstations is essential to grow your business and ensure its smooth functioning.

    What about us, Downtown Managed Services?

    We do our best to provide your business with top-notch workstation security with end-to-end maintenance, patching, and data encryption. Our team has worked in the industry for 25 years. We accumulated best practices and learned to use keep up with the latest technological advancements to ensure all your workstations work smoothly and effectively.

    Here are the security practices we follow, and we encourage you to do it. 



    Keeping Workstations Up-to-Date and Secure

    Both your software and hardware should be kept up to date with the latest updates. You also need to ensure that your workstation operating systems are no more than one generation older than the present one. Why? 

    • It will prevent viruses and malware from getting into your computer network
    • It will help eliminate security emergencies and downtime
    • Your systems and networks will work faster. 

    At Downtown Managed Services, we check every workstation and keep a check on the operating system every month. Our technicians provide the best workstation service to ensure that the hardware works smoothly. You can enhance the overall performance of your workstations and deliver the best business results.



    Updating Your Windows

    People often find Windows updates irritating. Have you ever wondered why anyone would need them? And why so many?

    The thing is that most of them are security and privacy policy updates.

    We highly encourage you not to ignore those updates as they prevent you from catching viruses and losing the privacy of your data. IT consulting companies like Downtown Managed Services help you monitor and install those updates so that you could focus on your business.

    How do we make workstations and Windows operating system secure? 

    • We fix and patch all your operating system hiccups of your workstations.
    • We constantly monitor your systems to avoid Windows technical glitches or corruption.
    • We have certified Microsoft professionals who know how to deliver top-notch quality workstation security service to enterprises.


    Ensuring Third-Party Applications Security

    Most likely, your business is using different software and applications to automate all the redundant tasks that minimize the effectiveness of a workforce, like Adobe, Java, various browsers, planning apps.

    Those third-party apps also have to be kept up-to-date to ensure their security, privacy, and efficiency.

    Businesses could keep track of it themselves, but this might take some time, effort, and expertise. You can’t just have an “update and patch everything” approach. Instead, you will need a deep understanding of every app in your network. Some apps, for example, may need to stay static, like some of the web-based applications that rely on a particular version of Java. So, if you patch workstations to the latest version, those web apps might stop working for users.

    Apart from the operating system, we also keep all such applications up-to-date by patching them up when needed. We follow a monthly check routine and update all the tools and the software to maintain a balanced ecosystem. 



    Antivirus Protection

    With thousands of new viruses and other malicious codes created every day, you need to ensure the complete safety of your workstation and enterprise data. All your systems should be tightly protected with premium antivirus and other protection tools.

    You might say: “But Mac and Windows already come with an anti-virus network!”

    Yes. They normally come with SOME anti-virus system. However, it doesn’t guarantee 100% security. Third-party anti-virus software, like Kaspersky, is necessary to ensure total protection with endpoint protection and response as well as blocks against malware and unwanted programs.

    How does Downtown Managed Services protect your system network from viruses? 

    • We offer a unified antivirus solution that ensures that all endpoints have antivirus software and that there’s no room for any unwanted virus to penetrate your private workstation ecosystem.
    • We use professional and renowned antivirus software and other protection tools to prevent your workstations and data from unwanted foreign attacks.

    From commercial anti-malware to anti-spyware, we have it all.



    Data Encryption

    Data encryption is one of the vital elements you can use to enhance your workstation and data security. Encrypting vital data minimizes the risk of confidential data hacks and leaks to the outer world.

    Tools like BitLocker, FileVault are some of the commonly used tools that help you encrypt a data file. You can install those services yourself or, to save time and money, you can take advantage of professionals who will enhance the security of your data encryption in no time.

    Our technical experts have been helping organizations like yours encrypt their important data files and protect them from unwanted intrusions and hacks.



    Physical Safeguards Policy 

    Deploying technical safeguards in your office space is just as important as ensuring the security of the operating system, computer network, and services you use.

    What can help your company improve its physical security policy?

    • If your employees are working remotely, a cable lock can prevent physical thefts. 
    • Providing privacy screen filters for monitors to your employees can also help you against HIPAA security.
    • Using battery backup systems, surge protectors, and power strips can also help you protect workstations from power drops, data losses, and other unfortunate events.

    These tactics will improve the overall security of your workstations even if your workforce is working remotely. If you need these advanced workstation protection tools, our team can provide you with all the essential supplies.

    Interested in the full list of our services? Click here. 


    Over To You

    By implementing these security practices, you can deliver the value of your business without worrying about security threats or information loss. And, an IT consulting company like Downtown Managed Services can take care of it for you so you could have more time to concentrate on your business and services. 

    At Downtown Managed Services, we deliver all-around workstation security protection for businesses in Florida. With detailed inspection and planning, our team of professionals will deliver the best results for your enterprise. 

    We have a combined experience of 25 years in the workstations security providing service and understand what it takes to maintain a safe and optimized workstation environment.

    Our skilled workforce can deliver the best results for your workstations to help you derive the optimal business results.

    Give us a call, email us, or drop by our office near Fort Lauderdale to talk about further details