Secure Your Business With Best-In-Class Server Security

Secure Your Business With Best-In-Class Server Security

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    Why Do You Need to Make Your Server More Secure?

    With the rise of cyber-attacks globally, having strong server security has become one of the most important security measures for organizations. Using the latest technology and tools, you can improve your server security and safeguard your valuable company data information from malicious cyber threats. 

    The server is one of the most important parts of your enterprise. If you do not strengthen the security of your servers, hackers will exploit the loopholes in your server security, which can result in the loss of sensitive data and financial losses. The server is responsible for ensuring management, customers, employees, and different partners have regular access to the company’s service.

    If the server gets affected, the entire business workflow will stumble.

    Your business environments will be paralyzed, which would result in:

    • IT infrastructure failure, roadblocks in business workflow
    • Limited data access and data losses
    • Faults in applications for in-house teams
    • The inability for customers to access the services you offer
    • The overall catastrophic environment in the organization ecosystem
    • Financial losses

    Downtown Managed Services, implements a set of effective server security measures by strengthening your servers with regular updates, complete backups, and other vital server security strategies and tactics. You’ll be free from major and minor server failures so you can run your company’s processes smoothly and securely. 

    Here is what you will achieve by making your server more secure:



    Server Security Is the Key to a Successful Business 



    Minimal Risk of Server Failure 

    Once your server is secure, there is a minimal risk of server failure, which ensures smooth business workflow. Our teams will work hard to deliver maximum server uptime to your organization to prevent any mishaps and inconvenience. Your organization’s servers will have maximum uptime, and it will help you run smooth and streamlined business operations.

    Our technology and support team are ready to answer any kind of questions and consult you on any issue to ensure complete transparency of your work.



    Protection Against Data Loss

    You’ll be able to protect your vital company information from all unwanted external attacks leading to data loss. It can enable you and your team to escape all the troubles of financial losses and loss of trust from clients.

    Your target audience deserves to be served in an organized and smooth manner, and your employees must be able to access necessary company data easily. 

    Our team will regularly update all the server maintenance and security software and perform a complete data backup in an unfortunate event. They’ll either keep secured backups of your sensitive data elsewhere or use a cloud storage service. 



    More Secure Web Servers, Printed Material, Files, and Mail

    Our server security services like updates, backups, and separating data privileges protect your web servers, printed material, essential files, and mail. 

    Our team can create effective firewalls and provide your isolation server security to create separate web application servers and database servers. This separation can minimize the chance of data theft, helping you save millions of dollars from hackers.



    More Stable Company IT Infrastructure 

    Server security issues may result in complete IT failures, and it will become hard for your organization to get back onto its feet after a complete server compromise done by clever hackers.

    Our team will shield your organization’s server infrastructure to protect you from IT failure or any interruptions that can disrupt your workflow.



    Steps We Take at Downtown Managed Services to Strengthen Server Security



    Server Room Security

    Apart from the software end of protection, the hardware security of servers is a vital element that people usually ignore. We regularly check the maintenance of the hardware to ensure minimal wear and tear.

    Server hardware is prone to risks like voltage malfunctions, earthquakes, and other unfortunate events. But our team at Downtown Managed Services ensures the safety and security of your server rooms and maintains the healthy physical condition of your servers.

    We’ll block access to the server room and secure the parameters to limit any chance for damages and hacks.



    Preventing Server Security Issues

    Once we secure the physical conditions of your servers, we improve the software-related security parameters to prevent severe server attacks. 

    We’ll configure the server simply and transparently to remove the risks of errors and fix all the loopholes that can attract malicious hackers. 

    We’ll even train your in-house team so that you don’t face any trouble or delay if there’s an emergency. Our support team will be in touch with you to provide additional security and prevention assistance.



    Minimizing the Effects of a Successful Attack

    Our preventive measures are aimed at transforming your server towards a safer ecosystem that minimizes the losses and impact of any unfortunate successful server attack.

    At Downtown Managed Service, we take full precautions for the worst-case scenarios and provide the best-in-class server security for enterprises to maintain a smooth workflow.

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    We Are Here to Make Your Life Easier 

    Our team will work hard to deliver the best possible server security results for your enterprise with a detailed inspection, planning, and execution.

    We have a combined experience of 25 years in server security providing services and have the skillset and technology to secure all your server networks.

    Email our experts or give us a call to discuss your project, or visit our office near Fort Lauderdale