Robust WiFi Security For Business And Secure Wireless Environment

Robust WiFi Security For Business And Secure Wireless Environment

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    WiFi security protects all the devices and networks connected to your wireless organization’s ecosystem. Using an unsecured Wi-Fi network is highly risky for any organization in the digital era because hackers are looking to pounce on such opportunities.

    Read further to learn more about how to protect your business WiFi.



    A Secure Password Is Enough to Protect Your Business WiFi Network?

    It takes a lot more than a secure password to prevent your organization’s wireless ecosystem from being hacked. If you have an unsecured wireless network ecosystem, hackers using internet-connected devices can do significant damage to your business:

    • steal identities
    • steal personal information and vital organizational data
    • perform malware attacks 

    The result? Interrupted workflow, financial losses, significant roadblocks in your enterprise growth and business success.

    At Downtown Managed Service, we offer Wi-Fi security that can help you improve your organization’s WiFi and shield it from any unwanted external hackers. You and your team can access the wireless network seamlessly without worrying about any data or financial losses.

    Over 25 years of experience we developed a strategy to protect businesses from hackers. In this blog, we’ll share our own tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to adapt them to your business security strategy.



    The Simplest Way: Secure Password

    Although a secure password alone doesn’t guarantee 100% protection from hackers, it’s an integral part of your WiFi security. 

    Passwords are the primary line of protection for your wireless network. If you have not changed the default password to a secure and strong password, this is a great improvement for the first line of defense. 

    Our team can assist you with complex passwords, which is the simplest and easiest way to strengthen your WiFi security.



    Use VLANs to Boost Security

    Virtual local area networks (VLANs) help you keep data packets isolated from different networks. It can help organizations use wireless internet or WiFi in their workspace securely and safely. It safeguards the user’s information and prevents external hackers.

    Our team will configure a VLAN on your wireless network, which boosts your network security and helps you escape WiFi security leaks with no additional hardware. A VLAN can also be used for bandwidth challenges or other wireless network developments for your organization.

    Securing wireless networks to improve business effectiveness is cost-effective. Assigning a wireless network to a VLAN can help you isolate the VLAN from other devices on the network by ‘Inter-VLAN routing.’

    Our team will provide you with VLAN solutions and strategies to strengthen your wireless network.



    Give People Guest Access

    One of the safest ways to give any person access to the internet on your wireless network is by providing them with guest access. It saves an outsider from connecting to the primary network and protects it from malicious attacks. 

    Our team can help you efficiently set up guest network access for people who are not from your organization. 



    Limit Access to Your Business WiFi Network Using MAC Address

    Another top WiFi security approach is using Media Access Control, or a MAC address, to limit access to your WiFi.

    A MAC address is the unique code used to identify the device on a wireless network. It can strengthen the cybersecurity of your WiFi and allow a handful of people to access the network.



    Encrypt Your WiFi Network

    Encrypting your WiFi network and devices can help you strengthen the cybersecurity of your ecosystem. It encodes digital communication for security reasons. Only the authorized recipients can decode the data.

    With WiFi protection, encryption comes in multiple types like WPA (WiFi Protected Access), WPA2, and other wireless security encryption standards. A lot of the latest devices and routers have built-in encryption standards.



    Set Up VPNs

    Virtual private networks (VPNs) are another source we can improve your Wi-Fi security and protect against external intrusions. VPNs allow the users to create identity-protected tunnels between the internet and your organization’s wireless network. 

    It can encrypt the user’s connection and establish a safer connection for communication across the internet. It can also conceal an IP address by using a virtual IP address assigned to the user’s traffic. This helps mask the user’s identity on your wireless network.

    It can help you secure users’ data and avoid hackers spotting vulnerable individuals on a wireless network.



    WiFi Security Software

    There are various security software options available to help improve enterprise cybersecurity and enable the business to create a protective layer around the wireless ecosystem. 

    These come bundled with different anti-virus products. Still, at Downtown Managed Services, we provide the best-tailored solutions to improve your wireless security and protect your company’s vital information.

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    Main Takeaway: Adopt a Comprehensive Approach to the WiFi Security

    The combination of several protection tools will give you the best level of business WiFi network security. 

    Our skilled workforce can deliver the best results for your WiFi security to help you derive optimal business results and stay protected from harmful wireless attacks on your network.

    We have a combined experience of 25 years in the WiFi security service; we are experienced in analyzing the requirements and delivering the optimum solution for enterprise clients in Florida.

    We also offer customer support services to handle all the client queries and hiccups to deliver top-notch WiFi security services at highly reasonable prices.

    Get in touch with our experts through any channel convenient to you or visit our office near Fort Lauderdale