Remote Work Security Practices For Employees Working Remotely

Remote Work Security Practices For Employees Working Remotely

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    Remote Work Security for Better Results

    With the trend of remote working increasing worldwide, there’s a rise in vulnerabilities and security breaches that can affect your organization’s workflow and hinder business growth. Once the employees use their devices and access the organization’s tools, software, or the overall ecosystem, the risk of the threats and dangers are magnified. The increased reliance on network routers, personal computers, and other unsecured equipment can compromise security with viruses, malware, hacker attacks, and data loss.

    At Downtown Managed Services, we have expertise in remote work security and practices to enhance your remote business ecosystem. Our team coordinates with your in-house teams to fix the security flaws and loopholes and aim to strengthen your remote work network.

    We follow remote work security practices that enable us to improve your remote security and ensure a smooth business workflow.

    Here are some of these protection practices. 


    Set Up Remote Working Policies

    We help organizations set up rules and regulations that employees need to follow while working remotely to ensure that chances of a security breach are reduced. We work on issues like:

    • Whether or not the workforce of the organization should use personal devices remotely.
    • Restrictions on specific data that is allowed to be downloaded to the personal workspace of the employees.
    • List of non-work-related tools and software that the employee can download on their devices used for remote access.
    • Remote procedure to report a cyber attack or threat if the employee is unable to reach out to the IT support team physically.

    Our team will join your organization’s think-tank to decide on these basic rules and regulations your entire workforce should follow as they work remotely.


    Data Encryption As One of Most Common Remote Work Practices

    One of the standout security practices for remote working is data encryption. The risk of data loss and the interception of secure information while browsing on the internet increases when the organization’s workforce is working remotely.

    Our team will ensure that the data interaction between the company-owned system and the remote workstations is safe, secure, and encrypted. You can ask your employees to connect to a remote system using virtual private networks that provide the required encryption. 

    Our team will also ensure that all the remote access tools are updated since outdated tools and software can result in no data encryption. Secure data interaction can help your organization’s workflow run smoothly without security breaches.


    Provide and Support Special Remote Work Devices

    Ideally, all your employees should work on special remote devices managed by the IT team to ensure they are updated and free from unwanted software and tools that can risk your organization’s security.

    It’s a good idea to provide your employees with specific devices they can use to replace their personal workstations for improved performance and extra security layers.


    Set Up a VPN for Better Remote Working Security

    Our team will help you set up a virtual private network (VPN) that can help your remotely located employees access resources that are restricted from an offsite location. It helps create encryption connections and provides selected access control to corporate networks.

    VPN can help you migrate the risks and threats of attacks like data sniffing, phishing, and other activities that can hinder your organization’s security. It helps you add a security layer to your remote access security and strengthens the protection blanket for smooth business workflow.


    User Authentication

    Including multifactor authentication is vital if your employees are using remote access to organizational data and resources. Undoubtedly, providing unrestricted and straightforward access to your workforce helps drive results faster. Employees scroll through the resources quicker creating a significant security risk. 

    Multiple user authentication can minimize this risk, and our team will help provide restricted access to specific accounts. By default, all the account’s access will be blocked. After the user authentication, the employee can access the data to which they are provided access.


    Ensure Sensitive Data Security

    Providing encryption to sensitive data is essential, but when the employees work remotely, they need to access and use the sensitive data properly. You need to ensure that employees don’t have the ability to download highly sensitive data to their remote devices nor create copies of those files.

    You need to eliminate all the possibilities that can create situations where there is a leak of your organization’s sensitive data. Otherwise, such potential exposure might cost you lots of time and money to fix.

    Our team of experts will create firewalls and restrictions that can help you avoid these unwanted situations. We’ll also help you create secure remote access to the work environment.

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    Overcome Your Work Security Challenges with Us

    At Downtown Managed Services, we deliver comprehensive, remote access security and practice solutions that enable you to strengthen your business security while your workforce works remotely.

    Our combined experience of 25 years has helped us grow our expertise in the security-providing industry. It has helped us deliver the best-tailored enterprise security solutions.

    We have a highly trained and experienced team of professionals to offer you the best customer experience during the entire project.

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