Office Network Switches For High-Speed Data Transmission In Your Business Network

Office Network Switches For High-Speed Data Transmission In Your Business Network

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    The Importance of Networking Hardware for Your Business

    Network equipment or networking hardware is compulsory for interaction and communication within your private network. They mediate the process of data transmission across the entire network. 

    The network switches are one of the most vital components of networking hardware. They are like a brain. They help easily connect multiple devices on your private LAN (local area network). There are different types of network switches that you can use in your network to strengthen the connectivity and build a robust network ecosystem, including: 

    • managed switches
    • unmanaged switches
    • Power over Ethernet switches, Downtown Managed Services provides it all. Our team of experts can integrate the best suitable network switches based on your requirements and private network infrastructure.

    We’ll ensure smooth connectivity of your hardware ecosystem and flawless communication flow between multiple devices on your computer network.

    Network switches come in different types. Let’s go over each of them. 

    What Are Dumb Switches?

    Dumb or unmanaged switches are plug-and-play switches that allow multiple devices to communicate on a network, but you cannot control the interaction. Unmanaged switches don’t allow any user intervention and are primitive with fixed configurations.

    What Are Smart Network Switches?

    Smart or managed switches are the advanced versions of dumb switches. They are suitable for any network ecosystem. Having more functionalities, these cost more compared to unmanaged switches.

    You can control, prioritize, and manage LAN traffic using a smart or managed switch. There’s an increased level of user intervention between the communication of devices on a private network.

    The Difference Between a Smart Switch and a Dumb Switch

    Based on several points, we have differentiated both the network switches for you to get a better understanding.


    The unmanaged or dumb switches are affordable compared to the managed switches as they lack the advanced functionalities that managed switches offer. If you have budget constraints and are looking for robust solutions, you can go with unmanaged network switches.


    Unmanaged switches are equipped with essential security features like a lockable port cover and remove the possibilities of direct tampering. 

    In contrast, the managed switches are equipped with advanced security features that detect active threats, save data, and control unwanted attacks. 

    Configuration Freedom 

    With managed or intelligent network switches, you have the freedom to configure, monitor, and manage your private network communications. You even have the freedom to create new LANs and separate smaller devices to manage the traffic effectively. With advanced functionalities, you can recover data in case of an unfortunate network or device failure. 

    On the other hand, unmanaged network switches are simple and easy to use and have fixed functionalities and configurations. You don’t have the freedom to implement changes to your private network or the communication between multiple devices on your network. An unmanaged network switch is ideal for limited data exchange and a small ecosystem.


    Unmanaged or dumb switches have an easy setup and great usage ability because of their built-in Quality of service technologies. The easy usage and decent functionalities help it deliver moderate performance compared to the advanced smart switches. 

    You can manage the performance of the managed switches by prioritizing the channels. The managed switches use the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor the performance of multiple devices connected to your private network. The SNMP also enables you to remotely manage the connected devices across your network with no physical intervention.

    What Is Ethernet PoE Switch?

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) has become popular because of its high performance and simple design. These switches ensure power and network dual connectivity using a single cable. These switches are ideal for power source ethernet devices and can withstand harsh temperature conditions, vibrations, and shocks.

    Using solid PoE switches for your enterprise network will help you achieve high-speed connections for better communication. You can even deliver power using a single port that removes the requirement of additional hardware like cables or extra outlets.

    It also has a power management feature that automatically detects the amount of power required for each device, delivering the required amount accordingly. The intelligent power supply enables you to save money and utilize the power more efficiently.

    PoE can be a great addition to your private network, improving efficiency and communication across your network. And at Downtown Managed Services, we got you covered with all your network switches requirements and integrations needs. 

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