Complete Business Email Security For Large And Small Businesses

Complete Business Email Security For Large And Small Businesses

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    Email Security For More Secure Business Communication

    Email is the most commonly used channel of communication within an organization. But if a hacker has access to your emails, they can get your private information and use them to harm your organization, possibly costing millions of dollars.

    • viruses
    • spam
    • malware 
    • phishing attacks

    This is how hackers take advantage of the lack of email security and steal important information for their benefit.

    How can you outsmart these hackers? 

    The answer is simple: strengthen your email security to shield your in-house communication and information.

    Our purpose at Downtown Managed Services is to safeguard employees’ communication and minimize the risk with thorough protection, email security, data leak prevention, and other valuable strategies and tactics. 

    In this blog, we’ll learn about the most common security attacks and how we work to minimize those. 

    Security Threats to Your Email


    Spear-phishing or mass phishing is used to get vital credentials from a user via a phishing site. Phishing emails are designed to look genuine to the user and encourage them to click through and share their vital information. Here is what such an email might look like.

    Once the intruders have your information, they can exploit your data and harm your organization in the worst possible manner. With Downtown Managed Services, you can strengthen your email parameters and change the mindsets of your employees to avoid phishing attacks and escape the hassles of email security breaches.

    Impersonation Attacks

    A vital component used in spear-phishing emails is impersonation tactics. The idea is to spoof the sender to impersonate your business partners, staff, and executives to extract money or data fraudulently. Sometimes it is difficult for a user to differentiate between the two, and it can result in huge losses once the information is given to the hacker. 

    At Downtown Managed Services, you get the best services to avoid impersonation attacks and strengthen your email security so that your organization’s employees don’t fall for the impersonation trap.


    Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to restrict your access to a computer until the money is paid. This malware can enter your organization’s ecosystem and extract vital information, and the hackers can hold it until they receive whatever they demand.

    Thus, ransomware protection is vital to your email security.

    The latest type of ransomware is Doxware. The information held by the hackers can be tweaked, morphed, and displayed to the public, which can tarnish the individual’s or organization’s image.

    Downtown Managed Services offers advanced ransomware protection by blocking the initial malware at your email security parameters. Our email protection can remediate and detect suspicious emails.

    With advanced tools and powerful email security strategies, we can help you shield your business ecosystem from all email security threats and attacks.

    Our Email Security Solutions to Protect Businesses

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Multi-factor authentication is the strategy to enhance the security levels of your organization’s email accounts. Whenever a new login occurs, it asks for authentication from the email address owner to approve the sign-in using an intelligent device. MFA adds a layer of protection, and it can act as the gateway for anyone who wants to access your emails.

    Mail Filtering Software

    Mail filtering software analyzes the downstream and upstream email traffic flow. They filter out the malware, spam, and other malicious attachments that reach your inbox and help to keep you safe for better business workflow.

    IronScales Phishing Impersonation

    We use Ironscales anti-phishing software tools to help you detect potential phishing attacks or possible threats to protect your organization’s data and vital information from getting leaked via emails. It can prevent your employees from falling into the trap of phishing and alert them to avoid clicking on phishing links or pages to pass on vital credentials.

    Training of Employees

    Downtown Managed Services offers fully-fledged training to your employees and the upper management so that they can be aware of any potential email security breaches or attacks.

    With technical drills and attack mockups, your skilled force will be able to bypass different email attacks and breaches from intruders and hackers trying to harm your organization.

    Email Encryption

    Email encryption is another tool we use to solidify the security levels of your organization. It will help with safer and more secure email communication and prevent hackers from getting vital information through different attacks.

    Downtown Managed Services offers 360-degree all-around email security for enterprises in Florida. We use advanced technology and years of experience to deliver premium-level security for businesses with a dedicated team of experts.

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    Protect Your Company With Us

    Our approach enables you to strengthen your email ecosystem by providing end-to-end encryption and security upgrades that can help you communicate through a secure email channel.

    We also take precautions to save your data and vital information in case of unfortunate breaches. Our support team will be available 24/7 to help you with all your dynamic issues and hiccups and provide you with tailored email security solutions.

    For further information, please email us, give us a call, or stop by our office near Fort Lauderdale