Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

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    Disasters happen, often without warning. A hurricane, flood, or fire could sweep away your offices, leaving you to scramble when the dust has settled.

    You can’t control disasters, but you can control the security of your company’s data with a disaster recovery plan. You can put this plan in place at any time to back up your business’ important data and establish a protocol in the event of an emergency. Not only will a disaster recovery plan help you sleep at night, but it will also prevent future complications for your business. Learn more about considerations in a disaster recovery plan below.

    Establish Your Data Continuity Plan

    What are the essentials in the operation of your business?

    In the process of creating a data continuity plan, you’ll answer this question and establish a protocol for business operations after a disaster. This encompasses equipment, power supply, communications, and even finances. In your data continuity plan, you’ll iron out the details of how your business can keep running, with minimal downtime, if there were to be a major disruption.

    Protect Your Equipment

    A minor flood can become a major problem if your electronic equipment isn’t protected against water damage. So, keep your equipment off the floor. In Florida and other states that are at a high risk during hurricane season, consider placing a protective cover over electronic equipment to keep water out in a severe storm.

    Create An Inventory

    An inventory of your business’ IT resources will be of great use in the event of a disaster. This inventory will illustrate the IT assets that would be at risk in a disaster, providing focus to your backup strategy. Additionally, you can evaluate the resources that would be of use to you during the recovery process.

    Back Up Crucial Data

    A full backup of your business’ data will secure your ability to operate after a disaster. Your backup should be untouchable by a disaster and far from the location of the original.

    Preparing For Disaster Before It Strikes

    Backing up your business’ data before a disaster occurs can provide peace of mind in knowing that you’re ready for anything. Creating a disaster recovery plan is a necessary step for all businesses, but also requires a great deal of work.

    IT support from Downtown Managed Services can take disaster recovery responsibilities off of your shoulders. We’ll evaluate your business’ needs and protect your information in a secure data center. If disaster strikes, we’ll be ready to restore your full work environment.